Welcome to Scotiabank’s Collateral Protection Policy provided by GK General Insurance Company Limited

We are committed to providing you with comprehensive coverage that offers peace of mind and security for your home. To ensure you fully understand the benefits and features of your Scotiabank collateral protection policy, we encourage you to review the key aspects below:

Scotiabank Collateral Protection Policy

Review your Scotiabank Collateral Protection Policy to understand:

Insured Perils

Discover the specific risks covered by your policy, designed to protect your home against a wide range of incidents, ensuring you’re covered when it matters most.

General Conditions

Familiarize yourself with the general conditions of your policy, which outline the terms of our agreement, including your responsibilities as a policyholder.

Policy Deductible

Understand the deductible amounts applicable to your policy, which is the portion you’re responsible for in the event of a claim.

Basis of Claim Settlement & Conditions

Learn about how claims are evaluated and settled, ensuring transparency and fairness in the compensation process.

General Exclusions under your policy

Be aware of what is not covered under your policy to avoid surprises and ensure you have the right level of protection.

Pro-Rata Condition of Average

This important aspect of your policy affects how claims are settled, especially if the insured value differs from the actual value at the time of loss. Understanding this condition is crucial in maximizing your policy’s effectiveness. Understand how the Pro-Rata Condition affects your claim settled in the event of a loss.

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