BillProtect is insurance coverage for either your JPS or NWC bills that have been paid at our sister company Bill Express.

Offered by Bill Express but underwritten by GK General Insurance, this insurance is free of cost to customers of Bill Express.

Bill Express pays the premium for customers to get this benefit, in the event of an accidental injury occurring. One (1) bill (either the JPS or NWC bill) will be paid for a period of two (2) months.

It is important to note that to qualify for insurance you must pay your JPS or NWC bills at Bill Express for a minimum of 2 months consecutively.

Some important conditions include:

The product is for injuries occurring and honoured under the policy.
No preexisting injuries and conditions qualify under the policy.
Injuries covered under BillProtect include:
o Broken limbs
o Major cuts and lacerations
o Dismemberment
o Vision loss or impairment
o Ligament or muscular injury

There is no sign up process, no payment required, and no questions asked.

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