The Livelihood Protection Policy (LPP) is a trigger-based insurance policy, which is designed to help especially non-salary income earners to cope with the severe impacts on their livelihood following extreme weather events (rain and wind). The intent is to provide individuals with an amount of money within a short period of time following an extreme weather event in order to stabilize their financial situation.

How does the product work?
When there is a rain or wind event that exceeds a specified trigger level, the policy will payout an amount (up to the policy limit) based on the trigger level reached.

• Payout is based on the weather index (Excess rainfall and high wind speed measured in each Parish)
• Each parish has pre-defined thresholds, called trigger values, corresponding to different trigger levels and amount of payout
• Once a trigger value is reached, the payout will be “triggered” automatically
• No field loss assessment, no claims process
• Payout made through customer’s Account